Friday, August 26, 2016

Tickled Pink

"Your bedroom is all pink," my hostess told me as I set down my suitcase in the front hall. "Go look for it. You'll know it when you see it."

Well. She was so not kidding.

^ As I peeked in the last towering door at the end of the grand second-floor hallway of my Cuban home-away-from-home, I was met with an explosion at the bubble gum factory.

Pink walls and pink brocade, in all their raging 1950s glory. And twin beds, straight off the set of I Love Lucy.

 ^ A sweet pink chair for primping at the all-white dressing table, which was stocked with slippers, toothpaste, tiny soaps and other luxuries for my stay.

^ Matching pink wing backs guard a huge wardrobe and my private door to the secret balcony where I dried my laundry in the Cuban sunshine. 

You better believe I stuffed a towel under that door to keep out las cucarachas. Only two slipped past my defense. 

^ Even the bathroom's curtains and walls match the rosy theme, though the fixtures are mercifully pure white. 

But my favorite part of the entire blush experience: the long, luxurious, coral-colored brocade drapes and their gorgeous attention to detail.  

Every morning that I woke up in this pastel paradise, I pinched myself to believe that it was true. I was truly tickled pink to stay in this beautiful room and felt every bit a princess. 

* * * * *

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