Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cuban Makan

Dinner preparations have already begun and I can't wait to taste it. 

My body may be visiting Cuba but my stomach is experiencing pure Malaysia. 

Nasi Ayam
Nasi Lemak
Pisang Goreng

Such a treat to enjoy these familiar Southeast Asian flavors here in the Caribbean, and I'm thankful for every meal that my lovely hostess prepares for me.

It's no easy task to track down all the necessary ingredients. Spices and sauces were trekked across the globe from Malaysia; fresh meats and vegetables must be hunted down from sparse Cuban agromercados. On my first shopping trip yesterday, it became abundantly clear to me that one does not plan out a dish and then shop for the ingredients; it's more a matter of buying whatever you can find and then figuring out what you can make from it. Menu plans are nothing but a big question mark    

But I have great faith in my hostess to pull together another delicious Malay meal. Right now, the only question on my mind is what's for dinner?

* * * * *

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