Saturday, August 6, 2016

El Malecon Cloudburst

The calm before the storm

El Malecon is a broad esplanade that winds  eight kilometers along the heart of the Havana waterfront. 

During our pleasant twilight stroll along this popular walkway, the heavens parted and an unholy tropical storm beat down on our heads. While other sightseers ran for more substantial cover, my host family and I crouched under first a tree and later a cannon as we waited for my host to come rescue us with the car. 

Eventually he did. But not before we were soaked to the skin and surprisingly cool in the sweltering August heat. We tumbled into the car, had a good laugh about our misfortunes, and headed home to dry out. 

While I'm sure we would all have enjoyed thunderstorm-free evening at the seaside, I have no doubt that the memories of our El Malecon cloudburst will last a lifetime. 

* * * * *

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