Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Will Bake You A Pie

Jurie's profile pic on the day I met him: August 4, 2008.

Today is a red-letter day on my calendar for two important reasons:

1. Exactly eight years ago, I met my first and best Malaysian friend, Jurie.
2. Just before midnight tonight, I am leaving on a trip to Cuba.

Now let me be perfectly clear. These are not independent events.

They are cause and effect.

Jurie's aunt currently lives in Havana, Cuba, and I am going to visit her family there. 

I could never have guessed - all those years ago when a random Mob Wars player read my status that said, "I will bake you a pie," popped open a chat window, and took me up on my offer - how my life would be changed:

I discovered a new best friend.
I made friends with literally hundreds of Malaysians.
I came to know the ins and outs of their daily lives.
I learned about their government, their history, their culture, their religion.
I visited them and stayed with them in their homes.
I folded their laundry, played with their babies, swept their kitchen floors.
I explored their beautiful country. 

Then, through a lovely coincidence, Jurie's cousin decided to attend university here in Seattle.

I spent time with him and we've become friends too. 
I got acquainted with his mother, Nor Abdullah, who invited me to visit her in Havana. 

And now I am about to hop on the plane. 

Honestly, I can't believe this is happening to me. I never even thought to dream of making friends with Malaysians and traveling to Cuba. It's almost too fantastic to believe.

But this is what comes of offering to bake someone a pie. And I'm certainly glad I did. 

My friend, Nor Abudullah, awaits me in Cuba. See you soon!

* * * * *

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