Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blowing In The Wind

"I am creating something new in you - a bubbling spring of Joy that splashes into others' lives. It isn't just an ordinary, temporary kind of joy, like a gift on your birthday. And it doesn't depend on what is happening around you. this is My Joy, and it comes from the Holy Spirit living inside you. My Joy bubbles up like the fizz of an soda, until it spills over and blesses those around you.

Don't try to control the ways My Spirit moves through you. Just stay open, as if you were a window on a summer day." - an interpretation of God's work from Jesus Calling

An open window on a summer day. Immediately, as I consider those words, childhood images flood my brain. I see wide-open double-hung windows and sheer white curtains billowing out as the fresh air blows through.

My mother's curtains did not come to life in this way. When I was very small, she had sturdy white cotton cafĂ© curtains that were darling in their own way, with their little golden clasps that I loved to play with. But they were much too short and stiff to flow with the breezes.

On the other hand, my grandmother's curtains were perfect. On her classic little farmhouse windows, she hung old-fashioned window shades, which I also loved to play with, and long sheer white curtains. On warm days - especially clear and promising spring days - she would pull open the sheers and push up those windows and I would watch in utter amazement. 

No words can describe that movement of the spirit, so I will leave you with a few photographs. I hope they stir up a few special memories in your mind too.

Albert Lynn on Flickr
carliewired on Flickr
concerto3 on Flickr
mtnbkrrr on Flickr
The Tomorrow Trunk
Just A Little Something


  1. Hello Diane,

    I am designing a book of prose for a friend, Sandra Stone.

    The book is 68 pages and we are self publishing and digitally printing 500 copies. The book size is 6" x 9". The book prints one color, black.

    I love the concerto3, wind blown curtain photo and I would like like to kindly ask your permission and cost to use it in the book, "The Inmost House."

    Would you be so kind as to entertain this idea? If so what your charges be for your kind permission?

    The project is HOT and please respond as soon as convenient.

    Thank you for your consideration and time in reading this.


    Bill McConaughy

    1. I would gladly sell you the rights to use this lovely photo for your book, if only it were mine. Unfortunately, it is not. You may follow the link posted in the photo caption to find its rightful owner. Good luck!


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