Monday, May 20, 2019

Court And Kylee's Succulent Party

A sweet Sunday afternoon spent with two clever plant ladies and a handful of other women making  succulent planters.

So simple. So satisfying. So doggone fun. 

Court met my third-born in their freshman college dorm. They became fast friends, eventually roommates, and now the kind of besties that will last forever. 

Court is, in a word, a gem. 

Kylee is Court's older sister and business partner. She is a part of the bestie package and a gem in her own right. 

Together, our hostesses bought up all the supplies for the projects:

two kinds of plant containers,
a variety of succulents,
white gravel,
potting mix,
a lovely assortment of mosses and
a cute rose quartz apiece.

They stylishly arranged all these morsels out on a table,

put together a few examples for inspiration,

and then turned us loose.

Essential oils were involved. And also snacks. Yum.

Now here is the thing. 

I know how to make succulent planters.

I've done it a million times. 

And I could have easily gathered up my own supplies and tackled this project on my own. 

But there is something very special and different about making succulent planters with friends. 

Old friends 

and new friends 

and people whom you may never see again but certainly enjoy knowing for the afternoon. 

And that is why I'm very glad I went to Court and Kylee's succulent party. 

* * * * *

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