Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Franklin Park Conservatory

Buried deep within my genetic code, there is one thing about me that I’ve always known to be true:

I am born to farm.

Ever since I first

picked out and planted pink petunias with my mom,
nibbled fresh strawberries in my grandmother's garden, or
ran a hand cultivator under our hostas and then turned the hose on them to watch the running water seep deep into the sandy soil,

I have felt a special energy surging through my soul.

I love growing things.
I love to tend growing things
I love to surround myself with big, beautiful green growing things and drink in their majesty.

My second-born has inherited the same green-thumb DNA, to be sure, so when we found ourselves with a free afternoon in Columbus, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

We headed to the local conservatory to visit some plants.

^ Greenery bursts through the fence, a welcome sight.

^ Visitors lounge among the plants in bright light.

^ Tender green creepers spill against the sturdy stone.

^ Topiary elephants. My mind was blown

^Huge curvy leaves as big as my hand.

^ Vines spill down and fronds rise up in this airy land. 

^ Split leaves 4 dayz.

^ Purple orchid haze.

^ Me walking through, amidst the deep green.

^ Plump little jade plant, fresh and clean.

^ Green and white ribbons shoot out from the center.

^ White dots on green fingers stand up together.

^ Chunky barrel cacti, in the sunshine they doze.

^ A pot full of succulents feature my toes.

^ Prickly cacti with a single pink bloom.

^ A rusty old smokestack attached to a room.

^ The form of the old sturdy greenhouse stands clear.

^Among the white pipes trail tiny ivies dear.

^ The trees in the palm room soar to great heights.

^ And the look from the outside is plain out of sight.

^  These sculptural sails look ready to fly.

^ Pink flowered flamingos nod and wink their eyes.

^ Every green thing I saw at the conservatory park
Reminds me that I am a farmer at heart.

* * * * *

In my opinion, you can never have too many succulents, and you can never have too many stories about succulents. Here are a few to choose from:

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