Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday Spring Satisfaction

Nothing says spring like a Saturday  work project, so here's what I cooked up this weekend:

^ Start with a handful of tiny succulents and a wire planting thingy,.

^ some soil, 

^ and a handful of Spanish moss. 

^ Once the supplies are gathered, swoon over those baby succs again. They kill me with their adorable tiny geometric perfection. 

* * * * *

Now comes the fun part: tuck the moss around the outer edges of the wire contraption, fill in with soil, and smush the plants into place. 

Be firm about it. Just like human babies, those tiny plants are engineered by nature to be sturdier than you might think. And, also like human babes, they like to know who's boss. So feel free to arrange and rearrange to your heart's satisfaction.

Fill in with soil to create a relatively even top surface, tuck a bit more moss here and there, then take the loveliness outside and thoroughly water. 

By the way, this is the fun part, but it is also the messy part. My workspace looked like a mudslide after I was done. 

But the finished product was worth the giant mess. 

^ I hung my creation outside my back door, near one of my herb benches.

Full disclosure here: my patio is still in the throes of post-winter apocalypse, with faded plants, broken stems, weeds and chaos strewn from one end to the next. 

So I took a few minutes to straighten up the immediately surrounding area.

 ^ Nothing says "spring cleaning" like a straight row of freshly washed rocks, am I right?

And yes, I did wash those rocks. With soap. Not even kidding.

^ Still dying over the cuteness. 

^ Two pots of succulents who survived the winter outside. They are a bit bedraggled, but I have faith in their full recovery.

^ Such a simple creation. Inexpensive too.  But all day today, I kept popping my head out the back door to take another peek at this little scene, and smiling with sweet contentment. 

Nothing says spring like a satisfying Saturday project.

Especially when it involves bare feet. 

hanging wire planter | michaels
succulents, soil, moss | home depot
green bench | diy
rocks | nature

* * * * *

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