Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pallet Possibilities

My latest stash of free lumber. 

Wooden shipping pallets are good for lots of things. 

Psh. Any Pinterester can tell you that. 

^ In their original form, they shape up into a nifty coffee table.

^ And house a vertical succulent garden just fine. 

^ Deconstructed, pallets can also provide useful distressed lumber. At my house, we've transformed them into towel hook holders and several types of shelving. 

And now, the experiments continue as I attempt to answer the question, can pallets help to solve my side yard problems?

* * * * *

In my opinion, you can never have too many succulents, and you can never have too many stories about succulents. Here are a few to choose from:

* * * * *

For more of my pallet projects, check out these stories:

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