Monday, March 23, 2015

Shopping Spree

If you want to see me lose my composure, take me shopping for plants.

^ I'll be honest. As soon as my eyeballs fall upon the trays of  baby succulents and cacti, my self-control evaporates. There's something about the perfect grids of square pots, each holding a precious and perfectly formed miniature plant that melts my heart, and I can think is, I must have them all. 

^ Now, the stated purpose of yesterday's outing to Molbak's was to purchase air plants. Yes, these plants really do take in all their nutrients from the air, and need no soil to survive. And we found them in droves, each one more adorable and surprisingly affordable than the next. 

Technically, I was helping my second-born pick out a couple for purchase; I already own two of these miracle makers and before I saw this display, I did not think I needed any more. But come on. How is three not better than two?

^ Next to the air plant display, I found this. These adorably chubby and superbly colored pots, loaded with their precious green cargo, are backed with magnets, and merrily cling to this deep blue steel drum. How cool is that. I just had to pick up a couple to see how they worked and to feel their pleasing shape in my very own hands. 

I wanted them badly. But I do not have any deep blue steel drums in my home. (At the moment.) And somehow, I just don't think my 1980s almond refrigerator would showcase their awesomeness in quite the same way.

So I put them down and backed slowly away. 

^ Oh, no. Look what I found next.. More baby succs, lime green and silvery green and rosy green-gray, ombre perfection in their tidy columns. 

Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.

^ Kind of obsessed with cactus these days, and I have been drooling for a tall one. These darlings were perfect, but certainly were beyond my price range. Checking their tags would only break my heart. 

But wait, I reasoned with myself. What is too much to pay for such an amazing life form and a gorgeous statement piece? You owe it to yourself to at least look.

So I checked the tag. 

Sixty for the tall, bright green one. Thirty-nine ninety-nine for the blue-green pair on the left. 

I came thisclose to buying one or the other. I can always go back. But for the time being, I forced myself to move on. 

^ Ack!!! More baby succs! Love the slightly kittywampus mish-mash of this tray. Come home with me, babies...I love you all!

^ Starting to suffocate with pent-up purchasing passion, I did the only thing I could think might free me from temptation. 

I looked up.

Darn it. 

Another gorgeous cactus taunted me, this one planted in a huge hanging basket and suspended from the rafters. The interplay of the ruffled green leaves against the geometric lines and gorgeous light of the ceiling sent new waves of desire running from my eyes all the way down to my debit card. 

Thankfully, I do not have any exposed rafters or greenhouse ceilings in my home, so I was able to talk myself out of this beauty. 

Feeling absolutely overwhelmed and worn out from self-control, I began to nudge my daughter and our modest purchases toward the exits. But after just a few steps, my daughter stopped me and said, "Oh, my gosh, check this out!!"

^ Oh, come on. Are you even kidding me? There was a gorgeous saguaro cactus, probably seven feet tall, standing right next to me in all his spiny, pleated and indescribably handsome glory.

I am obsessed with saguaros. I can think of nothing cooler than owning my very own.

Involuntarily, I reached for the price tag. Despite the voice in my head screaming, No, no, no, I needed to know how much this piece of paradise would cost me, because there was no question in my mind that someday, somehow, this amazing creation must be mine.

The tag read, Not For Sale. 

I'm not sure if it was disappointment or relief that flooded through me at that moment, but I found myself paralyzed with desire. Sensing my despair, my daughter dragged me off to the check-out where I bought just three tiny plants for a total of less than $20,

* * * * *

Twenty-four hours later, I have no regrets about my purchases. Sure, they were a bit impulsive and a tiny bit indulgent but no significant financial damage was done.

I am, however, planning a return trip.

Succulents, cacti, air plants and even you big ol' saguaro, beware!

* * * * *

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