Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little Things

Today, in my eternal yet ridiculously futile pursuit of perfection, I ticked off a few small chores on my backyard patio.

^ I finally got around to repainting the back steps, so now they are all fresh and clean. Never mind that I meant to do this last spring...procrastination is no sin and late really is better than never. This happy pot of succulents, along with some globe lights, are adding to the glow. 

^ For reasons I can't explain, my quirky Irish Setter prefers to drink his water au naturel. He ignores his indoor water dish and takes his refreshment in the fresh air. We used to keep a ceramic pot on the patio fulled with water for his hydration needs, but last winter it suffered one too many freezing spells and cracked right in half. So for the past few months, we've were making do with an ordinary pail. 

Now the pail works just fine for Ranger. But the poor cats, who also enjoy a nice sip of water in the backyard, were required to perform some intense acrobatics in order imbibe. First, they needed to stretch way, waaaaay up over the top of the tall bucket, and then crane their little necks way down over the edge until their tiny pink tongues could actually lap up the water. So I thought I'd be a pal and buy a bright new water bowl, with easy access for all. 

^ Three new succulents in matching turquoise pots. The tall guy in the middle has been with me for almost a year, but I've been thinking that he could use a few buddies. Finally I wrangled up a pair of cacti and some matching pots. While they will eventually move inside, right now they are soaking up the sun outdoors.

^ The herb garden has been revitalized - a few fresh plants, and some of the older overcrowded guys were re-potted. Yellow cactus dude is just here on summer vacation, enjoying some fresh air while the sun is shining. My fourth-born brought home a handful of sand dollars from the Pacific coast, and added them to the display. And hey, how about that freshly painted step?!

^ After a long afternoon of hard labor - I went crazy with chores in the front yard, too, but that's a different story - I forced myself to enjoy a chapter in the evening shade. My interlude was made much more comfortable and mosquito-free by this citronella candle placed near my tempting ankles. 

* * * * *

This list of accomplishments may seem trivial but they represent the tiny details that bring me special pleasure when I wander around out here. I love all the little things that make my house feel like home.

 ^ Hey, I ain't no little thing! And by the way, when are we going on my walk?

* * * * *

In my opinion, you can never have too many succulents, and you can never have too many stories about succulents. Here are a few to choose from:

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