Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life Of A Math Teacher: By The Numbers

My Tuesdays are devoted to teaching math. I'm what you might call a free-lance teacher; I work mostly with homeschooled students and my style is a bit unorthodox but super effective. Let's break down my busy day by the numbers:

 Math lessons I taught today.

Students I met with. I have a seventh student whom I see on Mondays and Wednesdays.

1/1 and 1/2     
My favorite teacher-student ratios. Students learn best when I can adapt to their particular needs so I  keep my classes tiny.

Problems completed during my lessons. And I got all answers right. Woo hoo!

Snacks consumed by one teenage boy during our lesson at his kitchen table. His brain works best            when he's eating.

Colored markers used by my girl students to create cute and colorful pages of detailed notes.

Notes taken by the teenage boy. He is not impressed with colored markers.

Miles away from my third-born but that distance collapsed to zero when we Facetimed her during class.

Distance in feet which my can of Diet Dr Pepper sprayed when I accidentally kicked my purse during    class and the can of pop inside exploded on impact.

Approximate number of irrelevant side stories and bad jokes I told during my classes. Math lessons        an easily become tedious and dry, so I do my best to break up the boredom.

Hours elapsed between the beginning of my first class today and the end of my last.

Minutes we were distracted when a cute little six-year-old boy wandered into our classroom and asked us to help him look for his missing papers. Never did find them but we were glad to help him look.

Week left before spring midterms!

Photos taken by one of my students at the end of class. She wanted to write about our math class in      her blog.


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