Thursday, December 17, 2015

Life Of A Math Teacher: Christmas Edition

Thank you to Jacob and Julie who gave me this adorable goodie bag, and all the other lovely families who make my job so rewarding and fun. 

Here are my two best things about the last few days of school before Christmas break:

1. This is the week when I traditionally give my students a lovely end-of-semester algebra midterm and I truly enjoy this festive opportunity to support them as they buckle down and study hard for the challenge. 

2. At the same time, my students - well, probably my students' mothers - present me with sweet little tokens of the Christmas season - cookies, candy, and kind-hearted gifts. 

I know. 

That's not a particularly fair exchange. 

My poor students slave away on all my extra review assignments and deal with the stress of a big test yet I'm the one who ends up with a glowing sense of pride in my students' accomplishments, as well as heaps of chocolates. 

But in the life of a math teacher, these holiday milestones are rare glimpses of glamour and glory, and I personally am loving every minute. 

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