Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cheers To Tucson

While dropping my fourth-born off for a fresh new year at school in Tucson, Arizona, I found a lot to love about the place.

Swooping walkways tucked among the right angles of red brick buildings.
Soft stucco and swirly railings.
Rainstorms sweeping across the Sonoran Desert.
Pale pink flowers on potted plants.
Wild saguaro desert-dwellers.
Pointy green masterpieces.
Two people and a dog on a cliff at sunset.
A herd of pastel bicycles, 

But of all the photos I snapped during my stay in Tuscon, this one is my favorite:

This seems to me the perfect metaphor for the bright, fresh start of a new academic year. The empty shelves represent the days ahead, that will soon be filling up with new experiences. And the cheerful little cactus stands as a beacon of hope and trust that all will go well, here in this desert paradise.

Cheers to a great year of college life for my baby, and another satisfying trip to lovely Tucson for me!

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