Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Smooth Operator

For the past month or so, my second-born has been whipping up nutritious and delicious smoothies right and left. And I've been a happy beneficiary of her experiments.

Well, I do my part to support her kitchen creativity. I keep her stocked with an inventory of healthy ingredients which ensures that she'll have plenty of interesting flavors and textures to mix and match:
strawberries, fresh and frozen
blueberries, fresh and frozen
bananas, fresh and frozen
acai berries, frozen
mango, frozen 
coconut water
almond milk 
chia seeds
sweetened cocount
maple syrup
Here are just a few of the luscious concoctions she has served me of late:

^ Chia seed pudding - made from chia seeds and almond milk left overnight in the fridge - garnished with fresh strawberries, granola and honey.

^ Fresh strawberries, frozen banana, a few frozen blueberries and almond milk blended - garnished with fresh strawberries, fresh banana, chia seeds and granola.

Other than a smidge of sugar in the coconut, and the oatmeal in the granola, all of these ingredient meet my criteria for no-sugar-no-carb eating. And every single bite has fallen within my parameters for delicious.

So count me as one lucky and well-fed mama, with special thanks to my inventive second-born. She's quite the smooth operator.

* * * * * 

Oh, nineties. You seem a little silly now. But you too were pretty darn smooth in your day.

* * * * *

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