Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camping: It's All About Playing On The Beach

Kalaloch is about my favorite place in the whole world. Not only is it a great place to camp and eat, but it is a beautifully wild, wide and sandy, infinitely playful beach. 

Now maybe I'm a little biased. Of course, plain old sand-and-water beaches are not all bad. But a rugged, storm-swept Pacific Northwest coastline like this one is more than just a place to make sandcastles. Kalaloch's beach is a full-on playground, perfect for so many fun things to do. Here are some of our favorites:

Climbing on the tumbled beach logs that stack up to ten or fifteen feet in the air. Ranger is quite the agile climber, like a red-coated mountain goat.

Taking endlessly long walks along the beach. With Ranger on a fifty-foot leash. No joke. 

Making hideouts among the beach logs for cozy reading spots. This one may be my favorite of all time.

Finding a shady spot for a nap. Shhh, baby's sleeping. Don't wake him up. I'm hoping to get a few chapters in before he convinces me to take him on another walk.

Wading in the creek that feeds into the ocean at the far end of the camp. And drinking half of it.

Flying kites in the non-stop breezes slash gale-force winds. 

Taking more naps in the sand. Bless him.

Walking way, way out to the water's edge at low tide.

Taking more walks to the freshwater creek, known to our family as the lagoon. It's a place of mystery and fun, and the perfect place to skip stones. 

Hiking out at super low tides to the tide pools and finding sea stars, mussels, barnacles and anemones. What a miracle to think that these animals live half their lives underwater, and only occasionally come out to be seen. 

Exploring the little waterfall that hides underneath this crazy balancing tree. I love to climb up and stand in the tiny pool of water that splashes down inside the cave that has formed under the tree's root system. Ranger loves it too.

Yawn. More naps in the warm sun. 

Then more walks. And more wading.

And then, just when you think you have run out of fun things to do, you can always say hi to a friend. Or even sit on them.

See? There is never a dull moment at Kalaloch. And that is why it's my favorite place to play in the whole wide world.

* * * * *

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