Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving earns high marks with me because it is a straightforward holiday:

Appreciate the food you eat, the people you eat with, the nation in which you eat, and the God who makes it all possible.

That's pretty much it. 

Ditto the decorations.

Well. Let's be honest. The traditional celebration of Thanksgiving requires no adornment whatsoever. Heaping platters of food and the shining faces round the table provide ample visual beauty.

But the simple fact is that the domestic homemaker types just can't leave well enough alone, and we insist on a certain level of frippery to help set the mood. If we play our cards right, our decor can also serve to remind us of what Thanksgiving is all about.

So I've been puttering about, these past few days, to get a Thanksgiving vibe going around my house.

^ My collection of mini pumpkins, which wore their orange proudly all through the fall, are now gleaming under a fresh coat of paint. It's some sort of shimmering champagne color - all I know is that I love the  look of those bumpy little pumpkin noggins wearing that elegant shade, and it reminds me to look deeply and see the value that lies under the surface of the more homely characters in the world.

^ I'm always a sucker for Satsuma oranges, whose cheerful November appearance in the grocery stores associates in my mind as one of the delicious tastes of late fall. While these jolly orange fellows are usually on display around my house at this time of year, this particular batch is unique because of their lingering stems and leaves. 

Somehow, these bits of green remind me of how far these fruits have traveled from their warm-weather homes, and how - just a few generations back - they were considered a rare and exquisite treat. A good reminder to me to appreciate what I have.

 ^ Hmm. Small armies of gold-dipped hazel nuts and copper-tipped pine cones. What might these have to say about giving thanks?

Well. Let's be thankful for life's small mysteries and I'll show you the full effect tomorrow.

* * * * *

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