Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Patiently Waiting

So let me recap the road trip so far.

After leaving Seattle, I patiently traveled through eight states:

New Mexico

After three long days and somewhere around 2200 miles, I finally arrived at my first destination: Arlington, Texas.

* * * * * 

Now, we didn't end up in Texas haphazardly. We were on a mission. We were scheduled to attend an event in Arlington on Wednesday evening - more about that later. On Wednesday morning, as we woke up in our hotel room, we were excited, we were pumped, we were dying to fulfill the purpose of this little side trip across the country. But we realized we had several hours to kill.
More patient waiting.

So bright and early, we headed off to a gorgeous art museum in nearby Fort Worth. Named for a wealthy and kind man, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art does not charge admission. Mr. Carter wanted young people from all backgrounds to have access to the finer things in life, so the museum is free for everyone. I love that.

And what a great collection of art. I saw

It was pretty cool and very Texan. 

* * * * *

The morning flew by. Happily, we found an In-N-Out restaurant just a block away, and I dashed through the doors, full of anticipation for my first Double-Double of the trip. A long line of lunch-goers snaked all the way out to the vestibule and I realized, once again, that I was going to need to be patient.

We stood in line for a long time before placing our order. Then, with our numbered receipt in hand, we sat down at a table outside and commenced waiting for our food. 

Fueled by the creative inspiration of the morning and amped up with restless energy, I was inspired to photograph and Instagram my surroundings. This is my favorite shot of that session.

I call it, "Patiently Waiting."

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* * * * *

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