Saturday, August 31, 2013

Super Succulents: A Happy Variety

Let me introduce you to some of my friends.

Here is a group of happy succulents who live on a blue bench in my dining room. While all have plump, fleshy leaves that can retain water, each one has a certain personality all its own, and a little story to tell.

The first succulent I ever owned was a jade plant, Purchased when I was a teenager, he moved into my dorm at college, and traveled back and forth with me for every break and holiday. Eventually, he was replaced by another jade which has since grown to be a giant; this one is my third-born. I adore jade trees for their smooth, temptingly touchable leaves and their sturdy, tree-like stems; I especially love this friendly chap for the bright touches of red along the edges of his petals. 

* * * * *

Last February, when I left for Malaysia, I had a beautiful, huge, long-lived aloe plant. When I came home two and a half months later, I had a very dead aloe plant and an apologetic family. Alas. I could not live without the strong vertical spiky leaves of this bold gentleman, so I quickly bought a replacement. 

* * * * *

At the beginning of her summer break, my fourth-born bought an cactus with a bright orange flower, and planted it in a turquoise ceramic pot. She kept it on the blue stool with my plants until it was time for both of them to go back to school. I couldn't stand the thought of an empty place where such a colorful little morsel had once stood. so I treated myself to this spunky clone. 

* * * * *

This little sweetheart might be my new-found favorite succulent. I love the geometric arrangement of the petals, the delicately pointed tips, and the incredible shades of grey-green and rosy purple-pink. Serene and precise, this little princess always makes me smile.

* * * * *

Now, just as every succulent has certain personality, so it is with their containers. The pot, in my humble opinion, should not only complement the succulent inside but also help to express its particular style. 

I know. I make things complicated.

But honestly, you can't go wrong. Succulents, like friends, are best when you have a happy variety. 

plants | home depot
terra cotta and turquoise pots | home depot
brown pot | a candle holder from target similar to this

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