Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spray Paint And Succulents

After a long week of washing walls, shampooing carpets, painting two rooms, and reorganizing with wild abandon, I was ready for some fun.

Well, of course I loved doing that dirty work too. But whenever I find myself slogging my way through the more laborious phases of a cleaning project - you know, the kind that require buckets of soapy water, multiple trips up and down stepladders, and dare I even speak the word, drop-cloths - I entertain myself by thinking of the fun I will have once the hard work is done.

I'm talking about the finishing touches that bring personality and life to a clean room. Right now, I'm crazy for bright pops of color and sweet little house plants. Mmm, those are the details that make a room sing, and when I see them come together in a spotlessly clean and fresh space, the heavens part and the angels burst forth. Pure glory.

So these were my projects for today: I assembled a handful of accessories that were due for a color upgrade, broke out my spray paints, and unleashed my transformative powers. I also adopted a small army of succulents and cacti, and settled them into new pots. Now I'm in the process of distributing my new treasures here and there to brighten up the corners of my tidy rooms.

But here's the honest truth. No matter where I display these cuties, or how perfectly they seem to suit their new locations, I can guarantee you that they won't stay in one place for long. Because I am a restless homemaker, constantly looking for new ways to refresh, reorganize and renew my spaces.

I know. That may sound like a lot of work, trouble, and needless fuss. But for me, that is the fun of creating a home.

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