Monday, September 2, 2013

Super Succulents: A Place To Heal

Let's be honest. Plants of any sort - succulents included - usually look their adorable best when they first come home from the store. But you know, life happens and sometimes my plants take a beating. Stems droop, leaves drop - the situation grows dire. That's when my green thumb goes into overdrive, and I'm compelled to help them heal.

Welcome to my succulent hospital. This space in my dining room offers perfect lighting in an out-of-the-way corner, just what an ailing plant needs to rest and recuperate.

Currently, I have two patients in the ICU - the little curvy guy in the smaller pot got manhandled in the repotting process, losing quite a few of his leaves, and then grew a crooked, drooping spine. With the help of a wooden support and some bright sunlight, he is getting back on track.

In the larger pot, this pathetic jade tree was one of the forgotten heroes of my Malaysia trip. After two and a half months of neglect, four of his major stems died back and all of his leaves fell. With a bit of aggressive pruning and plenty of tender loving care, he is showing signs of bouncing back. Time will tell if his wounds fully heal.

Watching over these sickly fellows is an inspiring orchid beauty. She is in fine health herself; her soaring display of showy purple blooms inspires her weakened charges and cheers them on to recovery. Bless her, bless her fragile patients, and bless all who help little green things heal.

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