Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome To The USA

On Thursday evening, I said goodbye to my Malaysians, hopped on a plane, a flew through the night to Shanghai, China.

No jet way for my flight. After landing in China, I was unceremoniously hustled out into the chilly early morning air, experiencing cold for the first time in two and a half months. I was horrified.

I whiled away my 5 hour and 29 minute Shanghai layover by eating a can of Pringles, changing out my SIM card, and taking some shots of the airport's ship-inspired interior. I found an outlet to charge my phone, but there were no chairs anywhere within range. So I sat on the floor.

Then I boarded a big LA- bound wide body and fell into the dreamy twilight stupor created by flying backwards across the international date line. 

Eventually, I opened my window shades to see my first glimpse of my American homeland.

Sad to leave Malaysia; happy to be home. Welcome to the USA!

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