Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Langkawi: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

"The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire."
-Pamela Hansford Johnson

After two heavenly days of island hopping, waterfall wading, and swimming at perfect beaches in Langkawi with my new friends, our four-way fellowship came to an abrupt end. Happily, this turned out to be just a temporary condition, as we eventually reunited. But still, late one afternoon, we sadly said goodbye to our beloved Arman, and sent him off on a ferry back to mainland Kedah.

Sigh. People come and go so quickly here.

As we waved him off with our final farewells - see him in his white shirt peeping out through the rear windows of the ferry? - the first colors of sunset were beginning to deepen. So the three of us - Nana, Izzah, and I - decided to spend some time at the waterfront and watch the evening settle in.

The blazing tropical sun eventually slid behind the distant islands, and figuring that the show was over, I wandered inside the nearby Starbucks to grab a drink.

{Side note. Malaysian Starbucks tastes just like American Starbucks. I only went to Starbucks just this once during my entire trip, and it was fun to have a little taste of home.}

When I came back out, I was very surprised to find that the colors of the sky not faded at all; in fact, they had intensified. Where I live, once the sun sets, the show is over. But clearly, I was not in Kansas anymore.

Over the next half hour, the sky literally exploded with color. These photos are unedited - this is exactly what I saw with my own two eyes, and I can still scarcely believe it's true.

As I stood in dumbfounded amazement and watched this glory unfold, I reminisced about all the other lovely sunsets I've seen in my life. I've been blessed with some amazing sights. But all of them paled in comparison to this outrageous display. 

When it comes to brilliant evening skies, there's no place like Langkawi.

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