Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Will Be Thankful When It's Done

I'll be honest. I'm starting to get a little tired of this massive painting project. I just wrapped up Day 22, and if you'd like more of the gory details, you can read about it here, here, here, and here  

I have exactly seven more days to get it all done by my self-imposed deadline of Thanksgiving. Finishing late is not an option.

While I still have plenty of hard work left to tackle, my mind is starting to drift toward the fun part of putting the rooms back together. There is no budget for new stuff, but with some creative problem solving, rearranging, and finding new uses for old things, I can imagine lots of ideas for making each room look fresh. 

Example: For the past eight years or so, the upstairs bathroom has been painted a very bold shade of green and decorated with a polka dot shower curtain featuring the same color green. It's definitely time to tone down that radioactive color, and I came across this easy-going floral shower curtain, left over from its previous life in a college apartment. Perfect. Today, I picked out a more gentle shade of green, Asparagus by Behr, and swapped out the shower curtains. Magical transformation.

As I was painting the biggest expanse of wall space, I pondered my options for some art and decided that after Thanksgiving, I will add a fresh coat of white paint to some old picture frames, then slip in some cheerful printable art. Simple and cheap but oh, so satisfying. 

This new phase of redecorating my fresh and clean rooms is, of course, what makes the whole messy, time-consuming and seemingly never-ending project worthwhile. I'm so looking forward to putting away my electric sander and my paintbrushes and getting to the fun parts. 

Seven more days to go, and then I will be very thankful indeed. 

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