Friday, May 10, 2019

Sometimes It's Okay To Hold On

"Hey, Mom. Next time you go to IKEA, can you grab me some of those white plant pots? You know, the ones with the three different patterns of lines in them. I'd like one of each."

Uh oh.

"Well, I'd be glad to do that. But they don't make that style any more."


"But wait. I'm pretty sure I have some of them in my stash of extra planting pots. I'll check for you."


* * * * *

Today, I found these three now-obsolete IKEA planting pots, one of each design, exactly as my first born requested. Granted, they needed a good scrubbing up, but nothing that a few minutes of elbow grease couldn't fix. Now these gleaming rascals are ready to take on new life and add some sparkle to my daughter's home.

I'm glad I found them.

But honestly, if I had ruthlessly decluttered my planting supplies, I would have tossed them long ago. It's been at least a few years since I put them to active duty, and by most any self-respecting minimalist's standards, that's far too long to have stuff sitting around collecting dust.

I'm still sticking to my original plan to declutter hard in my garage. But I must admit that maybe there's something to be said for hanging on to things now and then, just in case a daughter comes calling.

* * * * *

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