Saturday, November 1, 2014

Among The Saguaro

I have a passionate, undying, vaguely illogical, and well-documented love affair with the saguaro cactus.

These majestic creations exist only in the Sonoran Desert, deep in the southwest United States. Which happens to be exactly where my fourth-born goes to university. 

Thus, when I am lucky enough to visit her, I sometimes multiply my good fortunes by spending time among these gentle giants. 

During my most recent trip, my luck was particularly keen. On the afternoon that we planned to check out nearby Saguaro National Park, heavy clouds rolled in and transformed the landscape with a rare phenomenon: thunderstorms. Our time at the park was punctuated by rumbling thunder, crackles of lightning, and rain showers sweeping across the distant horizon.

The dramatic effect of these iconic monuments standing stark and strong against the billowing storm clouds renders me speechless. 

So I will leave you in peace to wander among the saguaro, and drink in the wonders of this beautiful place. 


* * * * *

I've been lucky enough to visit the Sonoran Desert and the magical cacti who live there. Read more about my adventures:


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