Friday, October 31, 2014

I Love Halloween

I love Halloween.

I love the wild excitement of children out in the untamed autumn night, bold against the darkness in their carefully chosen costumes, trusting in the kindness of friends and neighbors who answer their calls of "Trick or treat!" with candies and smiles and warm wishes.

I love the anticipation of young parents, thrilled to see their babies becoming children, safely shepherding them out into the dark to teach them the ritual and share in the magic.

I love the enthusiasm of my fellow stay-at-homers. As our children grow and eagerly take to the streets alone, we turn our energy to preparing a festive (and just a tiny bit scary) doorstep, filling a basket with treats,and welcoming with protection and care each adorable group of princesses and robots, animals and aliens.

Halloween is an evening of adventure and dress-ups, community spirit and sweet treats. I adore its simplicity, novelty, and old-fashioned values of innocence and trust.

And while I am well aware that other adults have concerns about devil worship, evil spirits, stranger danger, and sugar comas, my opinion stands quite unchanged.

I love Halloween.

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