Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Outing With Pjoe And Amy

Last Friday, I met a girlfriend for lunch.

We shopped for a bit, then met up with her husband, also a friend of mine, for dinner and a sporting event.

Sounds like a perfectly ordinary, all-American social event, doesn't it? With slight variations, I've played out that scenario dozens of times in my life.

But this was the first time I've ever done it in Malaysia. And the entire outing, from our McDonalds midday meal to our post-game photo shoot, was simultaneously comfortingly familiar and completely surreal. I loved every confusing, interesting, perplexing and happy minute of my outing with Pjoe and Amy.

^ A McChicken in Malaysia tastes exactly like a McChicken in the US of A. But Malaysians can eat their sandwiches with curly fries?! So not fair.

^ After lunch, Amy invited me up to her office to while away the last few hours of her work day. This is the view from her floor's conference room, where she suggested I take a nap. Brilliant woman, Amy.

^ And when I woke up around five p.m., the view was even more spectacular.

^ On our way downstairs, we changed into our team gear. Gomo Kelate Gomo!

^ After a train ride to Shah Alam and a rendezvous with Pjoe, we had a fabulous pre-game meal. 

^ Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Look at all those Happy Warrior fans!

^ I've seen countless photos of my friends inside this stadium and it's soooo surreal to be here myself!

^ Sunflower seeds are a staple stadium snack. Just like at home. 

^ Amy wears Toms.

^ The match is not going well, and their body language speaks in universal phrases.

^ Football matches are a family affair.

^ Love the way this young'un is angling for a comfortable spot.

^ And this little gamer has just zoned out. 

^ Alas, the final score isn't what we hoped for.

^ But we made the best of things with a post-game photo shoot.

^ Standing on orange seats with my girl, Amy. A perfect ending to our day.

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