Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surprising Pjoe And Amy

My third day in Malaysia just happened to be the wedding day of my two dear friends, Pjoe and Amy. Certainly, I knew they would be happy for me to join them on their special day.

But I did a very rude thing. I did not RSVP to their invitation. I did not even call to say I might show up. I just came unannounced and basically crashed their lovely reception.

Here's how it went down.

As I stepped out of the car, I saw the bride and groom standing outside on the porch, posing for photos. I approached them right away, and watched as their looks of confusion gave way to shock and surprise. Pjoe, who had seen Facebook evidence of my Malaysian whereabouts, recovered first and greeted me with delight.

But Amy's face still seemed clouded. I hugged her but she barely said a word to me and quickly disappeared. Hmm. I began to worry that my designed-for-shock-value entrance might have been a bit too much.

My worries were quickly relieved. Within thirty seconds, Amy was back with a tiny version of herself in tow. "See, Mom?? It's Kakna, here from America!"

I guess she wasn't too mad after all.

Then some hipster with an Instax Mini snapped our photo, and we all lived happily ever after.

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