Friday, June 28, 2019

La Comida En Flora Farms

^ What if you stumbled one evening into a pastoral dream of a farm, tucked deep into the Mexican countryside

^ Where luscious mangoes hung overhead

^ Little girls whispered secrets amidst the purple bougainvilleas

^ And a series of walkways and twinkling lights overhead drew you further and deeper into the magic. 

^ And then, what if you came upon a storybook farmer's fields?

^ Herbs and vegetables - tomatoes, radishes, carrots, peas, beans - growing in orderly rows in the unrelenting Mexican sunshine

^ And the miracle of these lush green jewels thriving in the desert sent shivers down your spine. 

* * * * *

^ In the distance, you suddenly hear muted voices, laughter, the tinkling of silver against plates. 

^ Now you begin to search in earnest for a way in, and you discover doorways. 

Doorways that lead to tables

^ Tables full of people - families, children, grandparents, couples, large groups and small - all eating their dinner outside in the pale light of evening. 

^ But where is your table? As the sun fades from the sky, you circle around the building, past the pink hibiscus, to find the front door, 

^  At the front door, they are expecting you. Just a few minutes, you are told, while your table is prepared. So you look around and discover a precious place to wait, until it's your turn to come in and be seated.

^ And as you sit down at your table, you lay your camera aside. No more photos are needed. You are here at Flora Farms to eat dinner, and there is nothing more to do than enjoy a lovely meal. 

* * * * *

My dinner at Flora Farms

Crushed watermelon and basil virgin cocktail
Seasonal salad of field greens, raw vegetables with lemon vinaigrette
Catch of the day with sauteed vegetables and thyme-infused fish broth
Lemon and lavender cake

Every bite was a dream.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

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