Friday, July 3, 2015

He Would Look Good Wearing An Ammo Belt

And when I'm not being mistaken for a Wookie, you can find me lounging under the hydrangea bush.

We had just headed out on our daily walk when Ranger and I noticed we had company. Four boys on bikes were approaching us from behind, their indistinct, high-spirited chatter pegging them as 13-ish-year-olds. Laughing uproariously, they pedaled along, quickly closing the gap between us. 

They were right behind me when I heard one say:

"Dude! If Chewbacca was a dog, that'd be him."

I grinned to myself as the boys rolled past me, single file. 

Several meters up ahead, Ranger courteously squeezed himself to the right edge of the sidewalk, allowing plenty of room for the still-chortling boys to pass. 

As the last one slipped by, he smiled down at Ranger and said, "Hi Chewie."

 Ranger looked up at him and wagged happily. 

And I laughed to myself for the rest of the walk. 

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