Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ten Things To Do In A Tucson Hotel

1. Jump back and forth between the too-hot hot tub and the freezing cold pool. Who knew refreshment could be so challenging?

2. Fall asleep for a few minutes in the middle of watching Snowpiercer, then wake up and realize that the dream you were having was way less weird than the actual movie. 

3. Eat a bag of red licorice every night in bed. For three nights in a row. No regrets.

4. Go barefoot. Outdoors. In October. Let that warmth soak deep into your chilly bones, because it's the last you will have for some time.

5. Race your companions down the full length of the third floor corridor, and try not to scream with laughter.

6. Hang out the "Do not disturb" sign so you can sleep till ten a.m.

7. Revel in the crisp white cotton bed linens. Hog the pillows.

8. Crank the A/C to 62° with no apologies. 

9. Fill the mini fridge with odds and ends of take-out food and leftovers from restaurant meals, so there are plenty of options for midnight snacks.

10. Lounge by the pool and bask under a sky full of puffy white desert clouds. Don't worry about putting on sunscreen - you'll die of heat stroke long before you have a chance to get sunburned. 

* * * * * 

And here's one more bonus tip:

11. When you've run out of amusements at the hotel, head over to the Super Target on Oracle and wander for hours. The possibilities over there are truly endless.

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