Friday, June 13, 2014

Hoi An: City Of Light

After a long afternoon spent exploring the sunny streets and sparkling sands of Hoi An, our adventure was not over at sunset     

In fact, one might say that the party had just begun. 

Because when the sun goes down and the skies turn to shadow, the lights of Hoi An come alive. 

^ First to be noticed but hardest to capture are the delightfully abundant lanterns that decorate the city streets and buildings. Their effect is magical, and that's just plain fact. Photos don't do the scenes justice but these shots of lanterns displayed for sale help portray the general mood. 

^ The quiet waters of the Hoi An Ruver lend another dimension to the shining display. As we stopped at a cafe to share a slice each of coconut cake and chocolate cheesecake, our riverside view was intoxicating. As I sampled both deserts, I played with my camera and tried to decide which photographic effect I preferred. 

The verdict on both dilemmas?

It's all good. 

^  And as we wove our way through the narrow streets toward our motorbikes, we came across one more layer of lovely light. 

Two chubby-cheeked boys, probably six years old, dressed in traditional costumes, were eating bowls with chop sticks in front of these glowing luminaries.  

Now granted, the adorableness factor was carefully cultivated to separate us from our cash, and you know, it worked. We bought one of the candlelit luminaries and watched quietly as it traveled about five feet across the dark water and crashed into a fleet of other doomed luminaries. 

Far more satisfying was our long moonlit ride home. As the dark ocean breezes cooled me off, I reflected back on the day's sights and cherished my beautiful day in Hoi An, city of light. 


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