Saturday, June 14, 2014

Moving On To Malaysia

My little feeties on the ground in Saigon, Vietnam, where I changed planes for Malaysia.  Polka dot rocks? Yes, please. 

On Momday, June 2, after exactly two enjoyable weeks in Danang, Vietnam, I tossed most of my belongings into a suitcase, left a hunk of coral and a handful of tropical shells in my third-born's care, and boarded a plane for Kuala  Lumpur.   

I mean, as long as I'm in the Southeast Asian neighborhood of my Malaysians, it would be rude not to drop by, right? 


As I write this, I'm already almost two weeks into my four-week visit here in Malaysia. Yep, I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything that is going on. 

But so it goes here on the other side of the planet. Life is a fire hose of adventures, adjustments, and  acclimations, and I am busy trying to drink my fill. 

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