Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hoi An: Golden Sand And Sky

After a happy afternoon spent exploring the yellow village of Hoi An, our little party of four jumped back on our motorbikes and headed to the local beach. Sharing the sands with seemingly half the population, of Vietnam, we ate a mind-blowing picnic of crispy Pringles and cold Dr Pepper, then wandered along the shore and snapped these golden photos. 

As the sun dropped toward the western horizon, I was hoping for a brilliant seaside sunset. 

 ^ But alas, this was the best that our vantage point could afford. 

So we gathered up our disappointment and our sandy shoes and drove our bikes back Into town.

Along the way, we crossed a narrow bridge over a channel of water and as I glanced to my right, my heart stopped beating. 

The sunset view was a golden glory. Desperately, I groped through my mind for a way to signal my companions ahead of me to stop for a photo. But I knew I was helpless to contact them and set my heart to be content with one last lingering gaze at the stunning scene. 

Imagine my surprise and delight when, at that very instant, I saw our leader, my daughter's boyfriend, make a quick merge, stopping his bike at the side of the bridge with plenty of room for the rest of us to join him.  

Our golden moment was captured in this sweet shot:

And this one, too. Thanks, Ky!

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