Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions And A Birthday Cake

The first of January is a big day for me. First day of the new year and my birthday as well. 

Such a lovely day for setting goals and turning over new leaves.

And while my mind readily generates an ample list of good-intentioned to-dos, I've been searching for more of an over-arching theme for 2014, a slogan or rallying cry to inspire me and push me forward with enthusiasm. After pondering the possibilities over the past few days, I was still coming up dry.

Until my cake and candles ceremony tonight, when the perfect inspiration appeared right before my eyes.

See that bitty blue candle stub? It started out as a full-size, stripe-y birthday candle. But once it was lit and glowing atop my angel food birthday cake, I let it burn way, way down until it was nothing but a little puddle of warm wax with a wick.

I made the most of that candle.

Then I declared a brief hiatus from my no-carb no-sugar eating habits, cut myself a moderately sized slice of cake around the candle stub, topped it with a dollop of ice cream and relished every morsel.

I made the most of that dessert.

So come at me, 2014 and my new year of life. Whatever you bring to me - highs and lows, blessings and challenges, new and old - I am going to make the most of you!!

P.S. And in case you're wondering about my specific resolutions, here is my list of five:

1. Invite friends over at least once a month.
2. Each night, before I go to bed, make a list of interesting things to accomplish the next day.
3. In the mornings and again the evenings, do three simple chores to neaten up around the house.
4. Stay faithful to my exercise, eating, sleeping and creative routines.
5. Go to Asia this spring.

* * * * *

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