Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mid-Century Hipster

My mom was a total 60s trend-setter.

She wasn't rich and she didn't live a sophisticated Mad Men existence, but she infused her home and daily life with the sleek modernist touches of what we now call mid-century style.

And this amazing pull-down chandelier.

^ Yes, that's me sucking my thumb and staring at the camera.

Anyway, yet another iconic item that I recall from my mom's home was the wooden bowl. Made of teak, we had a large salad bowl, individual serving bowls, and a few snazzy leaf-shaped numbers for serving nuts and the like.

Lately, those bowls have been on my mind. I've been seeing a lot of them at thrift stores, and thanks to this inspiration from Oh, Joy, I've been seized by a mad desire to color block them.

Mission accomplished.

Now I'm ready to fill one up with Spanish peanuts, uncork a bottle of Lancers, and listen to some of this. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how to be a mid-century hipster.

* * * * *

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