Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bringing Home Baby

The other day I went shopping for succulents.

You know. The house plants with the plump, water-filled leaves that are super easy to grow inside. Jades, aloes, cacti. Like these little beauties that I found at Molbak's, a local nursery.

Aren't they beautiful and perfect and orderly and darling?

But here's the thing. Just like puppies and kittens and baby bunnies, not to mention human babes, these tiny infant plants will not stay this way forever. Like every living organism, they will change and grow in ways that I might not expect. I will feed them and care for them but I will not be able to control them. Certainly they will be beautiful but perhaps I will be surprised by what they become.

If it sounds like I've been down this road before, I have. Let's not even start up about kittens, puppies and humanoids - just let me share some of the adolescent succulents that I have been raising.

See? They're kinda rangy and untamed. They flop here and there, as they choose, with a few brown spots and yellowed leaves thrown in for good measure.

In other words, my older plants are no longer the images of vegetative perfection that they were in their nursery days, but they are healthy and real. I love them and accept them for the individuals they have become, and I embrace their quirks.

So in that spirit, I chose a new plant at the store and brought her home. Welcome, my neat and symmetrical baby succulent; I can't wait to see who you will become.

* * * * *

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