Sunday, December 9, 2012


I was wiping down my shower door tonight when suddenly it hit me...I forgot to do my Instagram weekend hashtag project photo for this weekend! And while it might seem that Sunday evening is a little late to think about staging an artsy photo on a specific topic, all was not lost.

Because this weekend's theme was water drops.


Immediately, I put down my towel and picked up my phone. A few clicks later, I had a photo to work with. After passing it through Afterglow to adjust the brightness and saturation, I whizzed my image over to Instagram to filter with Earlybird and post.

Huzzah. Done! And what's more, I kinda like it.
  • I'm a fan of geometry in photos, so the spheres of the lights and the squares of the tiles make me happy.
  • Self-portraits usually put me off, but I like to play with reflections of my own image.
  • I love to shoot through glass. Catching these water drops on the glass shower door, suspended in the foreground of the photo, creates a photo that interests and intrigues me.
And best of all, I feel that little surge of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from taking on a challenge and finding a way to make it work. Thanks, #WHPwaterdrops!

* * * * *

Here's a link to the Instagram blog post that features some of their favorite photos from this theme, as well as a link to the whole lot of submissions. 

* * * * *

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