Sunday, September 22, 2013


So I've been keeping my eye out for an interesting specimen. While I was walking with Ranger near the high school today, we cruised along a row of portable classrooms and I found myself glancing between the smaller buildings toward the main structure when voila! Inspiration found me in the form of double red doors.

While the photo itself is not extraordinary, I soon discovered that the composition lends itself to lots of editing fun. The narrow, neutral walls of the passage and the high contrast section of bricks around the doors take on lots of different colors and textures, and the slivers of sunlight can be played up or down. By mixing and matching various editing tools on PicMonkey, I quickly came up with a dozen different variations, and netted that pile down to my top six, which you see here.

Now my only challenge is to decide which one of these six edits to submit before the hashtag project deadline on Sunday night.  #instaproblems

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