Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Hashtag Project

It's no secret that I'm madly in love with Instagram. If you haven't noticed the billion and one posts I've made on the topic in this blog, you can always hop on over to the app or the web version and check out my feed at @dianeagain. I post daily.

Recently, I've been enjoying an Instagram feature called the Weekend Hashtag Project. Here's how it works. Every Friday, the oh so clever Instagram people choose a topic or theme and set up a special hash tag with #WHP followed by the name of the topic. They post the news all over the place - on the Instagram feed @instagram, on the Instagram blog, in Twitter at @instagram, and my favorite place, on the Instagram page on Facebook.

Then us Instagrammaniacs kick into gear by capturing photos that illustrate that theme and posting them with the appropriate hash tag.

There are just two simple rules. The photos must be taken during that weekend; no fair using old photos. And you may only post your own work. Straightforward and simple.

On Monday morning, the hash tag closes and the Instagram workers choose some of their favorites to post in their feed. Of course, one can look at the whole lot of WHP photos by going to that hash tag on Instagram.

So far, I've participated twice:



Honestly, I'm hooked. I've decided to set aside time every Saturday morning to brainstorm ideas and come up with a photo idea or two. Challenges like this exercise the problem solving centers in my brain  and fuel my creativity and imagination. So much fun.

You know what else would be fun? If you did it too!! If you're posting to the Weekend Hashtag Project, please tag me to your pic...I'd love to see it!

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