Friday, September 14, 2012

Action Painting: Beautiful Echoes

Today was my first day of art class for the new school year. Yippee!

So great to see my dear little students, who are growing up so fast but still happy to play along with whatever projects I have planned for them. They are enthusiastic and creative and clever and always excited to learn. Homeschooled kids rock.

Our project was painting with marbles. We laid sheets of colored paper inside these baking pans, dipped four or five marbles into different colors of paint, then dropped the marbles onto the paper. The students worked in pairs, holding the four corners of the pan between them while rocking and rolling it every which way. Of course, the marbles tumbled all over the paper with merry abandon, leaving splattery layers of lines across the page.

Their finished pieces were delightful and I meant to take photos, but sadly, I forgot. At home, as I set the stack of still-messy pans down in my kitchen to be cleaned, I suddenly saw a different kind of art in the colorful trays and marbles, which carried the beautiful echoes of the paintings they helped to create.

P.S. Photos of my students' marble art are now posted here...check it out!

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