Friday, September 14, 2012

Bane, Bella, and Basil

Meet my friends. Bane, Bella and Basil (pronouced "BAH-zil") are my new basil plants and they live here in my kitchen.

Aren't they gorgeous? Bane is lanky and tall and quite athletic, Bella is delicate and sweet, and Basil? Well, his classic good looks will take him far in this life, I have no doubt.

Mmm, okay, yes. We name our plants. Technically, it was my fourth daughter who chose the names, and made these nifty name tags to keep them straight. But then again, I'm the one who used to bring my crayons home for the weekend because I thought they would be lonely in my desk at school, so I must take responsibility for those anthropomorphising tendencies.

But still, I think they like to be named. I can see them smiling. Can you?


  1. Are you leaving them inside all winter? I have a basil plant but it's outside because I didn't think it'd live inside. I was thinking it'd be dead come winter. Think I could bring him in and I could name him to?

    1. Slugs are crazy about basil, so I keep mine inside all year round. It thrives in a sunny window, and likes lots of water. Yes, you may name it. And you can ask Tessa about making you a name tag.


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