Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Both Like Whidbey

Before heading back to the desert to pick up her second semester studies, my adventure-loving fourth-born suggested that we take a drive up Whidbey Island. Of course, I was down. 

We both love road trips.

And we both agree that the best adventures start with a ferry ride. The crossing from Mukilteo to Clinton was particularly glorious, with both sunshine and fog playing their textures across the placid Puget Sound. 

The mid-afternoon mists were magical, wafting across the glassy water like happy little ghosts. 

We both were mesmerized by the effect.

Once across the water, we zoomed up the island, hoping to make it to Deception Pass by sunset. Clearly, our plan was too ambitious, and by mid-island, as the sun was dropping quickly in the west, we realized that our hopes for catching a colorful display were in jeopardy. So in a classic Plan B maneuver, we blindly turned left off the main highway, and ambled westward through the countryside until we came to the edge of the land.

We both embrace last-minute changes of plan, and uncharted side trips.

Where we found this. Glory hallelujah, what a sunset! 

Bold as brass, we drove through a quiet neighborhood and parked ourselves on the clearly marked private beach. My daughter suggested that if anyone came along and challenged our right to use the property, we would point to the sunset and say, "You can't deny us this!"

See? This is why we get along.

Sunset through the grasses. Killer shot. 

After drinking in our fill of the setting sun, we resumed our trek west and soon thereafter arrived at the Pass. Spanning the treacherous waters between the north end of Whidbey Island and the headlands beyond, the spectacular Deception Pass Bridge affords indescribable views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the west.

We parked the car and hiked under the bridge to the west and the best vistas of the water beyond. Shot in the gathering twilight, this photo is a bit grainy but worth its weight in gold.

We both willingly go the extra mile for a good picture. 

From our vantage point, we looked back up at the roadway to enjoy the flickering effect of the cars' headlights that filtered through the guardrails and illuminated the darkening sky.

We both adore that massive bridge.

And then, side by side in the deepening darkness, we drove home,

But now, even though my daughter has flown far away and will not be able to adventure with me for many weeks to come, I don't mind. I know she will come back soon, and when she does, I'm certain that we will make this island trip again. 

Because the simple truth is this: we both like Whidbey.

All photos by Tessa.

* * * * *

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