Sunday, June 2, 2013

Over and Back Again

During these past couple months, as I was be-bopping around Malaysia and drinking in all the beautiful sights to see, I often thought about my good ol' hometown of Mukilteo, Washington.

It's an interesting, scenic, unusual and charming place to live. But how often we overlook all that goodness, as we are scurrying to and fro in the course of our everyday life. My Asian travels inspired me to come back home and truly appreciate the beauty of my own little corner of the universe. 

Plus, a sunny summer day in the Pacific Northwest is as beautiful and alluring as a day can be.

So it's no surprise that I found myself aboard a Washington State ferry yesterday, ready for a quick walk-on adventure to the other side.

In ten short and windy minutes, we had crossed a narrow strip of water in Puget Sound and landed on Whidbey Island. We hopped off the boat before the massive unloading of cars and trucks began, and walked over to a little public beach just to the north of the ferry terminal.

Like any self-respecting Pacific Northwest beach, our destination featured scattered heaps of weathered beach logs, rocks aplenty and coarse grey sand. Unlike most other beaches I've visited, this one was laden with perfect shells. 

 After a half hour or so of frolicking, we were ready to head back.

The warm sunshine cutting through the cool breezes.
The awesome views of sky, mountains, islands and water.
The fresh sea smell, the soaring gulls, the blast of the ferry horn.

These are the sights and sounds of my hometown. And while I absolutely loved traveling the world, I'm also glad to be back at home.

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