Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fruits Of The Spirit: Peace

I only clean when I am in the mood to clean.

Now that may sound like a dangerous idea. After all, cleaning is work, and not always such a great time. But the fact remains that it must be done, and putting it off only makes it worse.

Yet in some sort of circular reasoning, because I only make myself clean when I truly want to, I find cleaning to be very pleasurable...and because I find it pleasurable, I truly like to do it. So when I am faced with an untidy heap, rather than forcing myself to buckle down and clean it up according to some exterior timeline, I give myself a little time and space to get inspired. Within a few hours, I am {usually} ready to dive in.

One Saturday morning, I was faced with a messy house but not quite in the right frame of mind to begin. As I was wandering around, surveying the damage and looking for a place to dive in, I came across these dishes in the sink.

Suddenly, I was transformed. I felt like a monk finding solace in baking of bread, or a Zen buddhist meditating while mopping the floor. The colors, shapes, textures and reflections of these objects inspired me with their accidental artistry and soothing circular composition. They not only kicked me into cleaning mode, but also brought me a deep and abiding peace.

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