Friday, January 24, 2020

Reading Mysteries

Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

An ex-cop buys the toddler she never had from an abusive drug addicted mom at the mall. A New Zealander searches for the truth about her birth family in Britain. And a private detective is saved from death in a trash dumpster by a sassy little dog he recently adopted named The Ambassador. 

Big Sky by Kate Atkinson

A sweet teenage boy works as a ticket taker in a horror arcade . Four men who are childhood friends may or may not be associated with a sex trafficking ring. And a private detective helps a young bride elope. 

When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson 

A mother and three children are attacked by a man with a knife; only one survives. A teenage girl is schooled in classic literature by an ancient woman dying of cancer. And a private detective briefly dies hmafter finding himself in a horrific train crash. 

One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson (not pictured)

A man driving in Edinborough brakes hard to avoid a pedestrian and causes an accident. The man driving behind him emerges from his crumpled  car with a baseball bat and a bad temper. And our erstwhile private detective argues with his beautiful but bad tempered actress girlfriend. 

Though they are filled with an eccentric lot of seemingly unrelated  characters and unimaginable plot twists, Atkinson masterfully brings all of her disparate story lines together and by the end of the story, ties them up in a neat and immensely satisfying bow. Our private detective hero, Jackson Brodie, stumbles his way through his personal life as well as his work, and often ends up solving mysteries in spite of himself. 

I’m not generally a crime thriller kind of lady, but I find Atkinson’s Brodie collection to be smart, surprising, and always, always, well worth the read.

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