Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Plates 

Another Thanksgiving, another plate of delicious food. 

Yesterday, my family and I sat down to a groaning table full of all our favorite feasting foods. 

But alas, there were only four of us. 

My second-born was tied up with work in Ohio.
And my third-born had her hands full with her class of kindergartners in Gangnam, South Korea. 

And while I am of course a little sad to have them so far away on this sweet holiday, I have enjoyed hearing about their celebrations and seeing their plates of food. 

^ In the heartland city of Columbus, my daughter whipped up a few of her most favorite dishes and served this edited feast to one of her co-workers. Her friend contributed the buffalo wing dip and baguette. They wolfed down their meal and headed off to Black Friday retail madness. 

Across the Pacific in Seoul, my daughter partook of a rudimentary feast at school featuring turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, all topped with gravy, and a slice of pizza. 

She sent me a photo but asked me not to post it. It looked gross, she said. 

But there will be another celebration with her friends from church on Saturday and she promised to send me a better photo. 

And I look forward to seeing her Thanksgiving plate.

* * * * *

Update: My daughter ended up not going to the church feast; her overworked boyfriend got some unexpected time off so she spent the afternoon with him instead. And she graciously agreed to let her post her holiday school lunch plate instead. 

It may be a little basic, but I still think it's a perfectly festive Thanksgiving plate of food. 

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