Thursday, January 4, 2018

2016 Ornament of the Year

Hey, here's an idea for a handmade Christmas ornament.

Cut tiny plastic straws into unmanageably short lengths.
Watch them zing around the room as you do so, and have fun collecting the valuable bits from 

under tables 
behind the couch
in the corners of the fireplace
on the windowsills
under the sleeping dog. 

Good luck with cleaning off all the dust and dog hair, too.

Measure out a long arm's length of thin florist's wire.
Try to not poke out your eye as you cut it off the spool. 
Feed the wire this way and that through the tiny straws, following a sequence of increasingly complex diagrams 

Try not to kink the wire or it will no longer slide through the straw segments
But don't worry; you can always cut the wires on your mistakes and start over. 
Keep some tissues nearby as you may just shed a few tears.

But. If every step of this long and tedious process goes well: 

Hold your breath through the final step, as your flat formation of triangles suddenly transforms into a three-dimensional delight. 

Hang it on the tree where its airy and mathematically pleasing design stands apart from every other ornament in your collection.

Then sit back down and get to work. because you are going to need to make ninety-nine more of these angels before you are done.

And every single one will make you smile.

* * * * *

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