Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday Bakers Beware

My eldest sent me this photo of our patient, recovering on the couch from her trauma,
 apparently none the worse for wear. 

"Hello, this is All Creatures Veterinary, Brittany speaking. How can I help you?"

Hi. I'm calling because my dog just ate a full-size bag of Hershey kisses, foil wrappers and all.

"Well. She's a rascal."

Yeah, that's one word for it. I'm not too concerned about the chocolate because she's eaten a lot of chocolate before and not been sick. But I'm a little concerned about how all that fooil might play through her digestive system. 

"Yes, you need to make her throw up right away."

Ummm okay. How exactly do I do that?

"First of all, you'll need a turkey baster and some hydrogen peroxide…"

* * * * *

Thus I found myself on the phone at my student's house, while she labored over her midterm exam, consulting with my first- and fourth-born daughters at home as they ran out to buy said turkey baster, loaded it up with hydrogen peroxide, and administered the maximum dosage before Gracie's iron gut finally wavered.

She then erupted like Mount Vesuvius, so I'm told, and deposited untidy heaps around the patio that my poor dry-heaving daughters were left to inspect and analyze.

We certainly wanted to be sure she was empty. 

Reports are that Gracie bounced back immediately after her treatment, and by the time I got home an hour later, she was her usual happy, wiggling self. 

And the entire Streicher family has now been served notice: even a sealed plastic bag of chocolate, pushed all the way to the back of the counter, is not safe around our red-headed eating machine,  Let the holiday bakers beware. 

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